An originally built up 3S system enables CCN assist enterprises establishing a whole set of customized brand anti-counterfeiting protection system, We have always believed that: physical anti-counterfeiting techniques + digital anti-counterfeiting techniques + anti-counterfeiting service operation = real world class security.——Only by setting up an all-round anti-counterfeiting identification system based on visual, tactual, auditory and interactive identification techniques according to characteristics of the target and subsidized by service operation, could the best anti-counterfeiting effect be reached. By providing anti-counterfeiting features customization and design solution,label security management control solution, authenticity identification, counterfeit investigation service, operation against counterfeits assistance, and anti-counterfeiting service operation, CCN protects brand value and enterprises’ interests from counterfeits circulation with high efficiency. We make it our conviction that genuine products are easily accessible in the whole world.

Speciality comes from technology.

Strong physical anti-counterfeiting techniques contained in the label.

Trust stems from

military information encryption algorithm.

Apart from physical anti counterfeiting features including material, optical and printing features, CCN also employ advanced digital AC techniques to further improve security. The AC code was generated from military encryption algorithm, being difficult to decrypt. There are a variety of code representation forms including numbers, bar code, RFID, etc., for different needs of the labels. Consumers can inquire the authenticity of the product by scanning QR code, making telephone calls, or sending SMS.

Trust results from an anti-counterfeiting operation with international standard.

CCN’s multi dimension AC operation provides more security protection for enterprises. Apart from AC labels, we provide for customers AC investigation analysis report, data cloud hosting, AC assistance, Call Center, etc., fulfilling customer’s need in an all-round way. The premise for these services is a stable and secure system. Our machine room is designed to perform backup recovery and data archiving in case of unforeseen natural disaster. Convenient authenticity inquiry brings better customer experience. We set up self-service call center, excellent expansibility, multi-language option, various verification channel including web, wap, App, Wechat, Taobao, etc.

Trust stems from a strict management system

  • • Secure data flow and secondary infilling process.
  • • Reliable manufacturer that prints government fiscal vouchers.
  • • Rigidly controlled label printing procedure and products leaving factory procedure.
  • • Transportation procedures under stable long-term management.
  • • Whole process traceable system for data and labels.
  • • Exclusively used packaging and seal.