Supply Chain Intelligent Full Traceability Module, unprecedentedly efficient in the whole process of production, distribution, and at terminal.

CCN Anti-Diversion Module is capable of offering professional suggestions to enterprises about different parts of the supply chain and set up system interface to realize the smooth connection with the ERP, CRM system of the enterprises to form an ecological system.

  • Worry-saving Stability Implementation system of high stability

    A professional and experienced design team to ensure an efficient and stable implementation system and operation protocol that completely matches production condition.

    Reassuring Precision Rigorous Software Control System

    Comprehensively analyzing possible scenarios in the early design stage and preparing fault tolerant schemes to ensure precise data association.

  • Compatibility Supportive of different encoding format

    Development friendly, supportive of different industry standards or the special needs of enterprises

    Supportive of different encoding mode

    Various ways of tagging compatible to different equipment.

    Supportive of different representation format

    Bar code, two-dimension code, RFID

    Customization according to actual procedures

    Being able to achieve data gathering and association according to the actual production procedure of the enterprise.


CCN has formed a benign relationship with the government and different industry. 
We are always the first to capture the new government policy in many industries such as automobile accessories and powered milk and are able to interpret these policies to our customers instantly. CCN has always been able to assist our customers to come up with the adaptation and implementation plan in the shortest time with the optimized proposal.