One Code for Each Product Is Only the Beginning

  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Intelligent Traceability
  • Digital Marketing

Realizing product digitized management by customizing various solutions making production, distribution, terminal unprecedentedly effective according to the needs of the enterprises.


Whole Supply Chain Intelligent Tracing·
Technology As Well As Industry Specialist

  • Intelligent Production
  • Intelligent Distribution
  • Intelligent Terminals

From factories, warehouses, logistics to terminal stores, CCN assists customers realizing whole course digitized management.


Product Digital Wormhole Marketing·
More Precise Marketing Because of Changes

  • Consumer Retention Construction
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Multi-Level Marketing Channel Management

By making a product the start of digital marketing and building up consumer information database,
we help enterprises establish diverse interaction with consumers.


A System for Reliability and Added Value of Worldwide Products