Experienced Engineers

  • Chen Min

    With 8 years in CCN as the leader of hardware development team, Chen Min has conducted investigation and implemented production line remolding projects for many Global 500 enterprises. Being quite familiar with the production line hardware update, he is capable of fulfilling the demand of the enterprises in the most efficient way.

  • Ni Zhixiong

    Starting his career as a software engineer more than 10 years ago, Ni Zhixiong has been in charge of the software development of various production line systems and tracing systems as well as the analysis and design of many enterprise management systems, raising efficiency by realizing production line software modularization, developing deformed production date number technique for product tracing.

  • Zhang Yong

    In charge of various major programs including tracing system, anti diversion system and management system for enterprises of different industries in the past decade, Zhang Yong has initiated the development of a unified traceability platform and PDA secondary development platform, achieving productization.

An International Standard Machine Room

  • IDC world class machine room built by IBM in accordance with international T3+ standard, which is static-free, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-seismic and with constant temperature and voltage as well as continuity of power supply.
  • Of national information security grade 3 standard (finance security grade), with double hardware network firewall and application firewall, it is designed to prevent attacks from Internet or application layer. There are also professional equipment for invasion detection, virus defense, and audit trail.
  • Equipped with computing storage Internet resources required by cloud stack technique and flexible extension operation system and realizing shifting malfunctions, CCN is able to provide continuous services.
  • In the meantime there is a backup machine room for real time synchro data back-up in case of extreme circumstances.