Established in 2000, China Commerce Networks(Shanghai)Co., Ltd provides anti-counterfeiting protection, distribution management, and digital marketing for enterprises with our expertise in technology, data, operation and consultation. As a product digitized whole value chain supplier, our mission is to forge a system for reliability and added value of worldwide products. We are dedicated to our customer’s interests and brand value, and by doing so, help to create a more reliable and secure social environment. Now we have provided brand protection for over 1200 companies, including 46 Global 500 enterprises.
We realize for you
  • Brand Anti-counterfeiting Protection Module

    Marvelous in many bepects, CCN protects brand value and interests of enterprises from counterfeits circulation with high efficiency by applying strong anti-counterfeiting techniques. We make it our conviction that genuine products are easily accessible in the whole world.

  • Supply Chain Intelligent Full Traceability Module

    Intelligent production·intelligent distribution·intelligent terminal, CCN provides an integrated digital solution for your company in each process, from production, logistics to stores.

  • Products Digital Wormhole Marketing Module

    Let the product be a bridge. We allow products connecting enterprises directly with consumers. With promotions, user investigation, membership points, etc., CCN makes marketing unprecedentedly precise and efficient.